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iPhone SEO
list of iPhone SEO and Analytic apps

iPhone SEO seems an interesting term but this term “iPhone SEO” is not at all a technique or method to perform SEO on iPhone. But it’s just a part of sentence iphone SEO and Analytic apps. You heard it right. Today we are going to talk about few applications for iPhone which can help you to optimize SEO score and collect analytic data easily by using your mobile device.

I am going to share some tried and tested applications which can make your life easy. Technology has changed everything. Being a SEO consultant, I remember the struggle few years back when we used to run towards our heavy desktop computers to create reports and collect analytic data.

We got some freedom when laptop and tablet were introduced to the world and we started using them but time has changed and we got iPhone and Android phones in our hands. Let’s use them in a better to increase our productivity. We will start with the apps which can make a difference.


If you have monetized your blog or website and want to keep a track on your earnings then SenseEarn could help you in this. This program lets you track your Google Adsense® earnings on your Apple iPhone. You can install this application and login with your adsense credentials. You will get the data of your earnings.


Just like the android version of Google Analytic App, this is also an analytics app where you get the options to keep a track on your website’s analytics data on your iPhone mobile device. You can install the application and login with your webmaster login credentials and keep a track on your website traffic and analytics data. Whether you’re on the road, in a meeting, or sitting on the throne, Analytics App gives you quick and easy access to your analytics data.


SEO Edge is an ultimate app for iPhone users to keep a track on their website rankings. It’s very important for webmasters to rank their website on top of search engine result pages hence it is important to keep a track on rankings. You may not have the access of your laptop or desktop every time. But this app could solve this problem. You can use SEOEdge to continuously monitor your website rankings anytime, anywhere you want. It will help you identify successful SEO campaigns and find potential problems. Search Engine Optimization is not an easy task. It requires regular monitoring.


While working on website marketing, social media plays and important role. You might not want to stand in the last of row. It doesn’t matter whether your business lands under a competitive niche or not. You need a strong social media presence. This app lets you do that easily with your iPhone device. You can manage your campaigns, schedule posts and keep a track on engagement data. You can do almost everything you could do on a desktop or laptop device for better social media management.


Podio works like virtual office with your iPhone device. But it is more than just an office. It includes messaging, project management, handling sales leads, tracking job candidates and scheduling meetings, just to name a few. And, it’s free. You can enjoy every feature of this app without paying any cost. You can install this app and work on it anytime, anywhere you want. With content, conversations, and processes structured and together on one tool, Podio creates the focus and clarity your people need to get their best work done.

This is the list of iphone SEO and analytics apps which can help you to work on SEO with your iPhone device. If you know more applications, then do let us know. You can comment your suggestions below. We will pick the best one and include them in our list of iPhone SEO and analytics applications suggestions.

Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions for this information. We will be glad to share the quality information with our reader. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for more exciting Latest SEO tips and tricks.

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How to rank your videos on top

Learn the best YouTube SEO Tips to rank your videos on top within youtube platform. Some tested YouTube SEO Tips for every youtube Channel owner.

Youtube SEO Tips

Before sharing the youtube SEO tips, I would like to inform that youtube is a platform to share content. It is not a search engine. Search engines shows results of this platform according to keyword query. However, it is a big content platform where you can share your content with world. Digital marketers use this platform as tool to promote their content and get better visibility in search engines. It is one of the easiest content sharing platforms where you can attract visitors easily by showing unique or interesting content. But as soon as it became popular, the competition between providers started growing. Today, I am going to share few interesting and cool YouTube SEO Tips which can help you to rank your videos on top within the platform.

Proper use of Keywords

Using right keywords at right place is the key for getting your video on top within the platform. It is the best useful YouTube SEO Tips amongst all. You can use keywords in your video Title, also use keywords as tags, feed keywords in video description and can use keywords in video optimization before uploading it to your channel.

Use of Keywords in Title

Writing a catchy title is in the trend. It drives curiosity between users and makes them click and watch the video. It is a good technique but apart from writing cheesy titles, you can also use the best keywords to make your video title. Writing a video title which perfectly matches to your video content will be SEO friendly and user friendly both at the same time. In order to write this kind of titles, you can take help of search engines and YouTube itself.

You can use the auto fill option of search engines such as google, bing, duckduckgo , Qwant or Ecosia. Given below are few example of Search Engine Auto Fill

Youtube SEO Tips
Youtube SEO Tips: Google Autofill
youtube seo tips bing auto fill
Youtube SEO tips:  bing auto fill
youtube seo tips DuckDuckGo auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: DuckDuckGo
youtube seo tips qwant auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: Qwant Auto fill
Youtube SEO Tips: Ecosia.org auto fill

Take the auto fill results and do proceed with analysis. You can choose the suitable title for your video content according to search engine suggestions. These suggestions are basically the most searched queries or keywords. There’s no harm in using the trending searches as your video title.

Description with Focused Keyword

Write the description with your focused keywords. It is always good to share information for search engines along with your video content. Search engine crawlers can only read the written content. They are not humans who can watch the content and decide which is genuine or interesting. So you should write the content description and put the keywords in it. But don’t over stuff the content with same keyword. Instead, you can chose the similar keywords or add prefix and suffix to differentiate between keywords. For example, if you are creating a guide on YouTube SEO Tips which is for free then you can use words similar to free or represents the same value i.e. No Cost, Absolutely free, Free for all and Prize Null.

Video Optimization: Feeding Keywords

Similar to Image Optimization, we can also perform Video Optimization before uploading raw file to our video channels. For this you can follow simple steps given below.

  • Locate the video in your system which is ready to upload
  • Right Click on Video
  • Choose Details from the top menu
  • Put the required information

Refer the screen shot below

Step 1

Youtube SEO Tips

Step 2

Youtube SEO Tips

Step 3

Youtube SEO Tips

After feeding the information in video, you are all set to upload it on your YouTube Channel.

Using Tags are Keywords

Final step would be adding tags related to your content. You can repeat the process of keyword research for title, in order to create better SEO Tags for your youtube video content. Follow the auto fill suggestions provided by search engines to generate better tags and use them in your content while uploading.

Tip: Add brand tags along with content tags to generate your own searches. I.e. TheSEOGuy would be my brand tag for upcoming videos.

Suggested Tools for YouTube SEO

After getting the list of YouTube SEO Tips, the next everyone wants is list of tools to perform better YouTube SEO. There are thousands of tools available in market with different USP’s but I personally prefer Keyword Planner provided by google to perform keyword research only. For managing your video content you can use different tools, but for YouTube SEO there are no such tools. You have to rely on your skills and smart use of keywords.

Hope this information of YouTube SEO Tips would help you to create a better SEO Strategy for your upcoming videos. If you have any suggestions or feedback then do comment below.

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Here is all you should know about Virtual Visiting Cards

Here is all you should know about recently launched Virtual Visiting cards by Google. Latest SEO tips by TheSEOGuy.

introducing people cards

Virtual Visiting Card

Google always come up with out of the box solutions for users. Today we would like to share an interesting feature of Virtual Visiting Cards. Yes, you heard it right. Google launches Virtual Visiting Cards on Google Search. On August 11 2020, Google shared an update on it’s official Google Blog and told users about People Cards.

People cards are basically the virtual visiting cards which any users can create of themselves. Earlier we have seen such cards for famous personalities i.e. Film Actors, Actresses, Athletes, Politicians and Businessmen. We could say that this feature was only limited for well known personalities. We all have seen such information in knowledge panels (Google Business Box) which appears on right hand side of Google SERP page. For example

introducing people cards virtual visiting card on serp launched by google
introducing people cards virtual visiting card on serp launched by google on august 11 2020

This information is collected from different trusted sources. But have you ever wondered what happens when you search for your own name? What search result would appear for people know are not famous or have you ever tried searching for your name on google? If yes, then you could understand it’s very hard for search engines to collect the right information and show quality results. It’s because there are so many people with similar names and it’s hard to select which one is the right answer for search query.

If you are a famous personality over internet and looking build or boost your online presence, you might already have social media profile, website and reference articles or websites from where users could get information about you and your work and achievements. But if you are willing to start fresh, you might not have these options available with you.

With the new Virtual visiting cards, google is going to solve this problem for users. These People Cards would help an individual to start fresh and create an identity over internet. It is going to be your virtual visiting card in which you could add your skills, education, work, website and social media profiles. https://www.google.com/search/contributions/profile

How to create virtual visiting card

Creating a virtual visiting card is simple. All you need to do is follow given below basic steps.

  1. Open Browser
  2. Login to your Gmail account
  3. Now open Google
  4. Type “Add me to search” You may also type https://www.google.com/search/contributions/profile make sure you are logged in while visiting the link. It will land you on your profile page. But it mostly work for people who have contributed in Google Q&A.
  5. And tap on the prompt
  6. Fill your details i.e. Workplace, social media profiles, website (if you have one), education details
  7. Click on Save and you are done.

he best part about these virtual visiting cards is, you can delete them whenever you want. It’s totally up to you whether you want to keep your virtual visiting card or not.

This card will help people to find the right person while searching online. It will be an additional help from google to millions of influencers, self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and anyone who want to seem himself on search engines.

Hope this would be an opportunity for individuals to get a quick identity over internet and showcase their skills.

Pro tip: Use the virtual business card in a right manner. Follow the content guidelines for Virtual Visiting Cards before creating one for yourself. Here are the google guidelines for Virtual Visiting Cards.

I hope this information on Virtual Visiting card would make a difference and useful piece of content for you. If you have any feedback or suggestion for this information, then do comment below. Keep exploring TheSEOGuy for more latest SEO tips and SEO Tricks. Stay tuned and stay updated with digital marketing trends and digital marketing tips.

Looking for Youtube SEO tips?

YouTube SEO

In order to rank videos on top, you must know YouTube SEO. It is a method which can boost your performance within the platform and help you to gain better ranks and can bring more views and engagements on your YouTube Channel. Today we are going to learn about YouTube SEO. I will share few steps and tools to perform SEO for YouTube Videos.

Before getting into tips and tricks, first we need to know about the ranking factors so that we could work according to them.

Social Engagement

Social engagement is form of any type of engagement such as Video comments, Subscribers, Social Shares, Likes/Dislikes, CTR (Click through Rate) and recommendations.

Video Comments

Being a content marketer, it’s not easy for you to make everyone happy. You will see both positive and negative comments on your videos. But you need to understand the importance of it and use it for your betterment. But what if there are no user comments or lesser user comments on your videos? In this situation you need to work hard and encourage people to comment on your videos. Later in this article we will learn about the techniques by which we can make users to comment on videos.


All YouTube channel owners want subscribers on their channel. Apart from asking people to subscribe to your channel there are few methods which could follow to gain subscribers and improve engagement on your channel.

Social Shares

If your videos are being shared by people, it drives great engagement on your videos and channel. It is one of the major factors in YouTube rankings.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes and dislikes are core engagement factors and also helps videos to rank within the platform. These are considered as best engagement metrics for any YouTube video and can help in improving rankings.

CTR (Click through Rate)

Click through rate in YouTube is based on number of times people got the videos on search results divided by number times people click on it to watch. You could improve your CTR by having compelling titles and thumbnails. Choose something that makes your result stand out from the rest.


It is similar to shares by instead of social media platforms; it is done on specific platform or personality. For example, if your video is recommended by celebrity or authorized authority, then engagement break records for your videos.

All these are Social Engagement ranking factors. Let’s move on to next factor which is:

Length of Video

Length of video is important according to your targeted audience and channel category. It is also a good ranking factor. A good length of video would give you better response. According to a study conducted by Backlinko, “The average length of a first page YouTube video is 14 minutes, 50 seconds.”

Video Length

This is the average time of most ranked videos. As I said earlier, you could adjust your video length according to targeted audience. For example, if you are planning to create tutorial videos, then it should be of good length with easy steps to learn. However if you want to attract audience who are looking for quick tips then the length of video should not be long.

video length cooking tips

Keyword Research for YouTube Videos

Keywords play an important role in any form of SEO. While working for YouTube SEO, you need to put maximum efforts to collect best keywords for your videos. In order to conduct keyword research, first you need to set an AIM and find keywords according to it. There are few common things which you need to keep in your mind while doing keyword research for your YouTube videos.


Target the relevant keywords which can describe your videos. Do not choose the keywords on the basis of search volume. Always keep quality in your mind and pick the best keywords which are relatable to your YouTube videos. Let’s take an example of TheSEOGuy. At my platform I provide digital marketing services and I am based out in Delhi. If I would ever create a video, then my focus keywords would be “Digital marketing Services”. In order to find more relevant keywords based on this, I will use YouTube search feature i.e.

relevant keywords

These are the actual search terms used by people while looking for content on YouTube.


It’s nearly impossible to find zero competition on YouTube because whatever you do, you have to deal with competition. Apart from analysing competition in keyword planner tool, I try to collect data from direct competitors by analysing their content and keywords used by them in their video titles and description.

digital marketing youtube seo

Research on multiple Search Engines

You need to collect data from as much as platforms to filter out best keywords for you YouTube Video. It will help you to perform better YouTube SEO. For example, we could use multiple search engines such as bing, duckduckgo, ecosia and many more.

ecosia keywords
bing keywords
google keywords

Pro Tips:

While doing keyword research I always keep in mind that I am going to upload fresh content and it is not at all easy to rank on high competition keywords. So I target the low competition keywords first and try to achieve ranks. Let’s take another example here.

content marketing competition example

In above image I tried to check out keyword worth on YouTube. As you can see there are more than 2,000,000 results for the keyword “Content Marketing”. It is not easy for me to outrank existing videos. So in this case I need to create a plan and target keywords on which I could get ranks and can relate my content with targeted keyword. So I tried “Marketing Tactic”

content marketing competition example-YouTube SEO

As you can see that “Marketing Tactics” has just 41,000 results and if I would work smartly, I could achieve my goal. After following these steps it’s time to take all the keywords on your list and roll them through search and see which ones have a decent competition.

Use of Tags and Filename

Use of quality tags and filename are part of SEO factors for YouTube videos. If you are concerned about YouTube SEO, then you can’t ignore these.

YouTube Tag

YouTube tags are used to highlight video content. It helps viewers to understand video content. However, you have to keep quality in your mind while creating tags for your videos. Tags should be relevant to the content of your videos. Tags can identify the category your video belongs to and help people discover your videos in the sidebar suggestions of “related videos” section.


The video file name should include your main keywords. It would be great if you are have used the similar keyword in video tile and description and tags. Filename should be relevant and descriptive enough to related with video content.

Adding Transcript

Search engines are bots and we all know that they can’t listen to audio, see image and watch videos but they do index texts. So having a transcript on your videos would help you to boost YouTube SEO. A transcript enables search engines to ingest your multimedia content and index it accordingly.

Every video has a title and description but content is blank for search engine bots/crawlers. Transcripts are body text of your video content and helps search engines to read it.

These are few factors of YouTube SEO. If you work smartly, according to above listed ranking factors, you could rank your videos on top.

However, when it comes to YouTube SEO, everyone look for easy options. So let’s talk about few YouTube SEO tools. Tools are always important for better performance if you are using correct tools and using tools wisely.  Given below are few good “YouTube SEO Tools”.

  • TubeBuddy: This tool provides some amazing options to creators such as bulk video editing, Adding quick links, direct upload on social media channels i.e. Facebook, helps in social monitoring and so much more.
  • DrumUp: DrumUp is basically a content discovery tool. It helps you to manage promotions for your YouTube channel or videos.
  • Cyfe: It helps you to analyse and track your video’s performances and stats. You could monitor reports within an easy dashboard. Cyfe lets you easily monitor your overall channel’s performance, as well as performance metrics for each individual level. It lets you check out metrics like views, traffic sources, audience retention, and engagement.
  • Canva: It is a great platform to create useful and effective thumbnails for your YouTube Videos. The best part about this tools is, it has drag-and-drop format and provides access to photographs, vector images, graphics, and fonts. Even if you are not professional in editing photos, you could create great images with the help of this tool.

Hope these steps would help you to get into competition and rank your videos on top. These basic steps could help you to stand out in the crowd and rank your videos on top.

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Important SEO tips for 2020 you need to know

Every day we are experiencing changes in digital market. There are so many new methods and evolving technologies which are leaving a big impact on digital market place. Change is the only thing which is permanent and when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), We cannot rely on old techniques and methods. We have to learn new things every day to perform well and set up the goals to achieve more.

Few years ago, there were lesser tools and methods available and the technology was limited. It was little easier for a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategist to rank a website. But in recent few years, everything is changed. Search Engines became more smart and using more and more technologies to provide quality search results to users. Every year we see major changes in algorithm of search engines. Digital market turned into a competitive market. Where SEO experts need skills in different SEO methods and evolving SEO technologies.

SEO Trends in 2020

In this article we will learn about important SEO tips for 2020. New Year is about to come and we should be prepared for upcoming year. As we all know that SEO trends are not constant. To perform well, we should have good knowledge about upcoming SEO trends so that we could create SEO strategies for future.  You have to plan about future success and think outside the box. Take your thinking to beyond the boundaries and understand the future of SEO. We need to think like a machine, understand users, and deliver the best experience in web marketing and brand marketing.

There are different search engines and the competition is getting high. Most of the countries in the world don’t have their own search engine and they rely on Google. But the trend is changing now. Google is facing competition with Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, AOL, Ask.com and DuckDuckGo. It is dominating in most of the places but the competition is also growing. Google is most successful search engine because of its quality and use of technologies. Google keeps the trends and need of users in mind and update the algorithm accordingly. We are in last month of 2019 and soon we will celebrate New Year 2020. As soon as we land in 2020, it’s our responsibility to be prepared for upcoming SEO trends.

Let’s get into the SEO tips for 2020 and understand what needs to be prepared.

Future of SEO

Future of SEO is going to have different technologies and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to play a major role in it. Artificial Intelligence is going to be the future of SEO. Every search engine is working to provide quality results to users. And very soon they are going to use Artificial Intelligence for maintaining the quality of searches. Almost every search engine including Google is implementing Artificial Intelligence and understanding human behaviour so that it could provide better search results.

Future SEO Technologies

I remember the days when Artificial Intelligence was considered as fiction and people used to believe that there’s no use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Market. But in recent few years, the trend has changed completely. If we talk about future SEO technologies, Artificial Intelligence is not the only tech which brings a change in Digital market. Given below are few more examples of Future SEO Technologies.

  • Virtual Assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Cortana
  • Speakable Structured Data (Speakable Schema)
  • Mobile Voice Searches

Searches are not limited to devices or search platforms. Now users are getting different platforms and technologies to conduct searches. Being a digital marketer myself, I keep an eye on every technology which could bring a change in Digital market. From my personal experience and analysis, I could say that virtual assistants are going to play a major role to understand people’s search behaviour to improve quality of search results. Now let’s move on to SEO tips for upcoming year.

SEO Tips for 2020

Mobile voice searches, Speakable Structured data and Virtual Assistants are signalling towards the importance of mobile searches. Numbers of mobile users are increasing every day. Mobile searches took over desktop searches back in May2015. In order to achieve better SEO results in 2020, we need to focus on mobile technologies.

Work on Business listings

Since the mobile users are growing, business owners are required to work on their business listings and provide sufficient information for users. Using features such as:

  • Request a quote button
  • Product listing on Google My Business Listing
  • Services listing on Google Business listing Page
  • Work on Reviews and Ratings
  • Adding Virtual Tours
  • Using Exact Location Markup
  • Provide Sufficient business information

Request a Quote

It is a feature for mobile users while checking business listing. If you have enabled this feature, users can directly message you for free. Here is how to enable messaging.

  1. Open the Google My Business app
  2. Open the location you’d like to manage
  3. Tap Customers
  4. Now tap on Messages
  5. Turn on Messaging

Product Listing on Google My Business

You could list all of your products on Google my business listing and let the users explore products at the very first interaction. In order to list your product you could visit business.google.com and choose the business listing (Location).

Choose products from left hand side menu and add details. Refer the Screenshot Below

Google My Business products

Services Listing on Google My Business

Just like the products, business owners could add the services in Google My Business listing. Given below are the steps to do it.

  • Login to Google My business.
  • Choose the location you want to manage.
  • Click on Services.
  • Add Services.
  • Given below is the screenshot which you can refer.
google my business services

Content is always king

Unique and original content is always important. Every search engine prefers original content. Business owners need to generate original content to get better SEO results. In my previous article I have explained how to write SEO friendly Content if you go through the article you will get to know the importance of content and steps to write SEO friendly content for your business. Never compromise the quality of content for quantity. Rely on quality for long term results. SEO trend for 2020 might change but if you have maintained the quality of content, you will keep on getting positive results.


Testing and implementing latest technologies in SEO process will help you to perform better in upcoming year 2020. Understand the use of technology in Digital Market and implement in your business and marketing strategy for better results. Hope these important SEO Tips for 2020 would help you to perform well.

Sources my official blog : Important SEO Tips

Negative Publicity – Push down Negative Search Results

Negative Publicity – Remove Negative Search Results from Google

Internet revolution has created many opportunities for business owners to market their business on different online platforms. Every business in this world is available on different internet platforms. Internet is the easiest way to drive more business and create product awareness between audiences. There are so many positive effects of internet marketing for businesses. But today we are going to learn more about negative publicity.

Dealing with bad publicity is not at all an easy task. It requires a lot of efforts and different online reputation management methods. If you don’t manage your business online presence, negative publicity can harm you and your business reputation to a great extent.  Every business owner need to learn proactive responses for consumer reviews and complaints on different internet platforms. The most important this is to resolve the issue Instead of getting into argument without losing your cool.

Today we will learn about some SEO Strategies to push down negative search results. We will learn about Reverse SEO which is a strategy to deal with Negative Publicity. But before that let’s understand what Negative Publicity is and how it affects your business.

Negative Publicity

Whenever users talk negatively about Brand, Product, Services or a person over internet is considered as negative publicity. Negative publicity is done by users who are not happy with services, product or a particular brand. Negative user reviews are one of the examples. In order to understand more let’s take separate examples of different negative publicities.

Brand Negative Publicity

When users are not happy with particular brand or have complaints, they talk negatively about brands on multiple internet platforms such as social media. Let’s take an example here. Hypothetically I have a brand with the name Brand-A. I have provided services under this brand but the user is not happy with the service or product which they received. Now they launched a complaint in in grievance department of Brand-A but didn’t receive satisfactory response from the team. In this situation, the user would take help of internet platforms and write negatively about Brand-A it includes:

  • Google Ratings (Google My Business)
  • Product or services reviews on product listing sites
  • Negative comments on social media
  • Creating parody or deceptive brand website

Negative Publicity for Services

Services negative publicity is when users are not happy with services. Let’s take another example here. Hypothetically my Brand-A is providing paid services such as monthly newsletters for Digital marketing updates. But the users are not getting latest updates as promised under paid services. Instead they are receiving better information from another free platform. In this situation the users would contact Brand-A and let them know that they are not getting better services under paid subscription. If they start receiving better services, they will continue else they will start talking negatively about services on internet.

Product Negative Publicity

Negative product publicity is little different from Brand & Services. Because sometimes users are happy with brand and services but have something negative to talk about product. Let’s take an example again. Hypothetically, Brand-A is an E-Commerce platform from where people get the stuff. If any customer receives a faulty product, they will complain about the product only. If the product is originally created by Brand-A then it can be solved easily but if the product is listed by any third party vendor on Brand-A, then it will create complicated situations in providing resolution to customer. In this situation, the customer would share negative thoughts about product only.

Let’s take another example for negative product publicity. If customers are loyal users of any brand and for one instance, they received faulty product, they will complaint it to brand but will not talk negatively about brand.

Negative Publicities for Person

Person negative publicities are based on public figures or famous personalities such as Politicians, Actors and Athletes or sportsmen.  Person negative publicity is completely different from all the above listed types. In this type of publicity, it is based on user belief instead of user experience. Let’s take an example of Politicians.

Politicians have huge public following in which some support them and some oppose them. People who support them put their positive thoughts on internet. But people who don’t like them write about their personal views and talk negatively about them. Most commonly used platform for this kind of publicity is Social Media. People follow given below practices:

  • Creating Negative Social Media Pages
  • Negative Web Pages including Personality Name
  • Negative content blog posts on different platforms
  • Paid Promotions on social media

So far we have learned about type of different negative publicities and tactics followed by users under each category. Let’s move on to the impact of negative content over internet. Let’s understand how negative content could impact your business.

Impact of Negative Publicity on Business

impact of negative publicity
impact of negative publicity

There are several bad impacts of negative publicity on business. It is not restricted to bad sales impact but it can damage a lot of things apart from sales.

Impact on Brand Equity

Brand equity could suffer a lot because of negative articles on different internet platforms and search result page. Sometimes brand has to recall their products because of such information but it create a negative image of brand and it’s product between audiences. It leaves a huge impact on brand equity for a longer term.

Trust Loss

It require great amount of time and efforts to gain user trust but one simple mistake could ruin it. Act fast on complaints and user reviews before it completely destroy trust between users. Once a brand loses its trust, it became a tedious task to regain the trust. Losing trust would directly affect your brand image and product sales.

Effect on Sales

Every negative word on internet directly affects sales. The more you receive negative reviews, ratings and social media mentions, the more you see negative impact on sales. Word of mouth and words on internet plays an important role in brand reputation and driving more sales. If you are not taking complaints or user reviews seriously, you may see a big impact on your sales.

Impact on Brand Reputation

Negative articles about brands leave a huge impact on brand reputation. Losing brand reputation is the most serious concern for business owners. If users are searching about your brand and they are getting articles against your brand or services, it will destroy your brand reputation.

Remove Negative Search Results from Google

We have got enough information about Negative Publicity and its impact on business. It’s time to move on to the resolutions. Let’s understand how to deal with negative publicity and remove Negative Search Results from Google.

Create Multiple Social Media Pages

This is the most effective method to deal with negative articles on search results. If any negative article is ranking in Search Result page for your brand then try to push down the article by creating multiple social media pages for your brand. Famous social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest could significantly help in pushing down the effects of negative links.

Build Strong Business Profiles

List your business on different channels such as Google Business, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp. Try to capture the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) on your brand keyword with multiple results by using these multiple business  platforms. It will expose your business to larger audience and help you in developing better brand image for your business.

Use PR Channels

If you have something exciting related to your business which you want to share with your audience then use press release. You could also approach PR channels to cover your story. Good number of news articles about your business would rank down the negative articles from search results.

Report Spam Websites

If a blog or website created by using your brand name which has objectionable content then you could report the website or blog. Once you report such content, search engines would only show the verified links related to this information. Here is how to report a spam website. You can follow the steps to file your report.

Additional steps

Apart from above listed steps, you could put in your efforts in additional steps to get rid of negative links from search results.

  • Address your customers timely
  • Create engaging content on web
  • Use sub domains to capture SERP
  • Create a buzz by getting mentions from non-business platforms by organizing events such as sponsoring events, charity and social causes.

By following these tips, you could get rid of negative links from search results. Although it is not an easy task to push down negative articles from search results but if you put in your best efforts, you can do it.


None has control over internet. In order to maintain better brand image, always create better strategies for Online Reputation Management. Building grievance redressal forum, listening consumer complaints and responding each and every feedback or suggestions would help you to handle the negative publicity for your brand.

Hope these steps would help you to deal with negative publicity. If you have additional steps, tips, feedback or suggestions for this article then do comment below.

Article Source Negative Publicity-Remove Negative Search Results from Google


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ORM stands for Online Reputation Management. We all have heard about this word so many times. Today I am going to talk in depth about Online Reputation Management and let you know some interesting facts about this. We will learn what ORM is and how it can help in Digital Marketing. Also some benefits of ORM and tips to maintain better online reputation management. So let’s start the learning. First let’s understand what is ORM.

Online Reputation Management

As we could understand by its name, online reputation management is a practice of creating strategies to maintain online presence of a product, services, website, individual or any organization. It includes public interaction and services support. Within this practice, you can improve your internet presence and collect public opinions about your business or services which can help you to achieve more customer satisfaction. A positive customer interaction could lead a better word of mouth for your business and drive more engagement & sale.

However, there are many myths about Online reputation management between people. For some people it is considered as social media monitoring method, or another vertical of customer service, and for some people ORM platforms as just customer interaction platforms where one could get product or services support.

Reality of ORM

I remember the days when there was no social media available for people who wanted to talk about any product. It was hard for customers to take out their words on internet be it positive, negative or suggestive. But it is completely changed now. It doesn’t matter how big your business is, the online presence is always a useful method for every business owner. Online Reputation Management brings a transparency between customer and business owners. A good online reputation is not about interacting with people or sharing product/services information online. Sometimes brands need to react on issues. Most of the time reaction is important but sometimes you could skip to react if it is not necessary.

Pro tip: Always maintain the response time if you are willing to react on any customer feedback, suggestion or complaint. If you respond late, it will not help you in building positive brand image. Sometimes, it cost millions for big business. Proactive responses matters a lot during public dealing.

Importance of Online Reputation Management in Digital Marketing

Since the power of social media is increasing every day, ORM became an important part of Digital Marketing Strategies. It is important for to maintain online business presence for every business. Social media profiles are not just about sharing product or services updates, but it could a channel for your business to gain more customers and collect feedbacks.

ORM helps to generate word of mouth for business. So if you are good with your internet presence, you will get more direct visitors (Potential Customers) which you can convert into a business lead. It helps to enhance customer experience and helps in building better products. And the best part is, you get all the feedbacks and suggestions by end users for free.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management

A good online presence has multiple benefits for any business. There are four major benefits of having good online reputation for your brand.

Transparency between users and brand

A good online presence encourages product or services users to ask questions from brands publicly and get answers. While addressing these questions, brands maintain transparency and share right information which is a great sign of building trust between users. No company would share false or incorrect information on public platform.

Direct Interaction/Communication Channel

Business owners could use social media handles as direct communication platforms where they can establish one-to-one conversation with consumers. Business owners can add quality in customer service by answering customer complaints and turn an irate customer into a happy customer. Direct attention to complains, feedback or suggestions creates a positive impact on brand image.

Collect Feedback

For every product, the best feedback one could receive from actual product users. Social Media Channels are the platforms where every customer or potential customer could share product feedback. It helps to make changes in product or develop a better product for audience. It is one of the most important factors in business expansion. Genuine feedback could help a lot in product improvement.

Handling Criticism

Social Media platforms are very much useful while handling criticism. Do not run away or hide from Criticism. Consider the criticism as an opportunity to collect different user experiences and apply fixes in your product or services. Criticism of product is actually a genuine feedback for any product. Let’s take an example here.

Imagine you are running a restaurant chain and one of your customers is criticising served food. You would immediately check for the quality, services and many other factors to improve it. But what if the customer is complaining there is no proper lightening in your restaurant? This is not a direct complaint to your business but always matter in customer experience.

However, you should be positive while dealing with criticism. Getting defensive while handling criticism doesn’t work in internet world. Business owners are not supposed to show aggression or get defensive with customers.

So far we have learnt about benefits, importance and meaning of Online Reputation Management. Now let me tell you few disadvantages of not having online presence or Online Reputation.

Disadvantages of not having online presence

If you are not maintaining your brand’s online presence then you might encounter given below problems.

False Reviews

You have to deal with false reviews if social handles any other online platform of your brand is not available for users to interact. Most of the time, irate customers put false reviews about brands and take out their frustration. Every negative review affects your business reputation and sales. Asking users to visit website is not enough sometimes. Addressing all issues and maintaining transparency would be the biggest challenge in this situation.

Hate Websites

Hate websites directly leave a massive negative impact on your business. Some customers go beyond the boundaries and take out their frustration by creating hate pages. Most of the time these pages have information according to irate customer but it’s very hard to deal with this situation. Some examples of hate sites are




If you don’t have any online presence and any of these pages got rank in SERP, you will need a lot of hard work to get this removed. You need a Digital Marketing Expert in this situation.

Tips to build better Online Reputation

In order to build better Online Reputation, you could follow few basic steps. Being a digital marketer, I have learnt a lot of things by experiencing different situations. I would like to share few tips with you all. Here it goes.

Strong SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best methods to build your online presence. If your brand name or brand keywords give you ranks on first page of Google, then you did the right SEO. Now a day higher ranks in SERP is much more important than business cards.

Maintain Transparency & Share respect

Maintain transparency with users and always respect their opinions about your business. It is a tough task to make people respect your product or service and what you do. Equally gaining trust is not an easy task to achieve. You can only build trust between customers by maintaining transparency.

Maintain excellent response rate

Proactive response helps a lot while dealing with customers on social platforms. None likes to get a late response from brand. If the response rate is not good, you might struggle in retaining customers.

Monitor customer ratings and reviews

Always keep an eye on social media content about your brand. Monitor what people say about you and try to engage with positive feedback. Resolve all the negative complaints timely. It can bring more business opportunities for you. It is a common trend between people to ask questions via social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook.

Avoid Defensive Responses

While responding on social media platform, never get defensive or show aggression. There are millions of social media users who can see or react on your responses. So maintain the politeness and handle every issue carefully.

This was the smile guide on Online Reputation Management. Hope it would help you to understand this better.

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How to write a blog

How to write a blog

Blog wiring is not easy. I’ve shred few tips in my earlier post where I tried to explain How to improve SEO Score in blogpost but those tips works when you know about blogging. SEO improvement tips can help you in writing great SEO blog but what if you don’t know much about blogs and blogging. And looking for suggestions on “how to write a blog”? In this situation, you need to understand little bit about blogs and blogging and then start your own blog. Today’s topic is going to be interesting for people who don’t know much about blogging but wanted to explore about it. I am going to share some key points and easy steps on how to write a blog. It will help you to start your blog and write an amazing SEO friendly blog.

How to start writing

Writing could be easy if you know what to write but it’s ten times harder if you don’t know what to write. So the first suggestion is to find out the topic for your blog. During the process, you need to understand every platform and take out the best data for your blog.

Unique blog Ideas

Finding unique blog ideas is the first step towards starting blogging. In order to build your audience, you need interesting topics and unique blog ideas. But the problem is, we run out of topics very fast when it comes to unique ideas. In order to keep the audience engaged, we need unique blog ideas and interesting content. And the content frequency should be good so that people could get more and more fresh content to read.

But the question is how can we find interesting blog ideas?

In order to find interesting and unique blog ideas, you can follow given below steps.

Step 1: Research

By research, I don’t mean the Google search for topics. It is a lengthy process which requires dedication and smart work. Given below are few platforms which can help you to collect already engaged and discussed & interesting topics.

  • Conduct a Google search with various combinations of the keywords. Preferably the long tail keywords.
  • Explore the social platforms such as Twitter for popular hashtags and news. And Facebook to read out the comments and group posts.
  • Take help of some industry expert and request for their opinion.
  • And anything else that you can come up for research. It’s an evolving

Step 2: Review your audience

If you are running a website then understand your website audience and collect data to find out interesting blog ideas. If you analyse the audience behaviour, you can easily understand what kind of information your website audience is looking for. After that you can easily fulfil their expectations and keep them engaged on your website. In order to do this, follow given below steps:

  • Go to https://www.analytics.google.com
  • Login with your Google Analytics ID & Password
  • Select the property
  • Click on Audience from left hand side menu
  • Select Interest
  • Choose Overview
audience overview
Audience Overview

Explore between audience interests and decide what people are important for your blog and what you should write to attract users.

Step 3: Understand the user behavior

This is one of the most important methods to follow while you are looking to provide better content to your website visitors/users. You need to understand user behaviour so that you could give them what they want. The analysing process is simple and all you need to do is, review google analytics data to get this done. Given below are the steps to do so.

  • Go to https://www.analytics.google.com
  • Login with your Google Analytics ID & Password
  • Select the property
  • Click on Behavior
  • Select Site content
  • Choose Landing pages and Exit pages
Interest analysis
Interest analysis

Reviewing exit pages and landing pages could help you to understand what pages are causing your website visitors to make exit. For example, let’s assume you are running an e-commerce website and given below is the exit page ratio for different categories and product pages for your website:

Exit page analysis
Exit page analysis

As you can see, by this small analysis I get to know which pages needs improvement. I can see the pages where my website visitors are taking exit. In this situation, I can try to make these pages more interesting or also replace them with new pages or information.

Now let’s move on to the next step. Since you know what to provide and how to provide to users, next thing is to make it user friendly.

Generate User Friendly blog Content

Generating user friendly content is nothing but type of content which is easy to understand and relative to your website product/services/information. If your website users are able to understand and can relate with content, then you will get better engagement and lesser bounce rate on your website. Given below are few basic key points to remember while generating user friendly blog content.

  • Use simple and easy to understand words so that your website visitors could understand the information easily.
  • Add interesting facts or information which drives interest between users.
  • Focus on Genuine content. Do not copy content from other sources
  • Keep the content accurate and explain it in easy ways.
  • Use infographics or interesting images related to your website.

This would help you to reduce bounce rate and drive better engagement. However, you can refer Tips to reduce Bounce Rate for amazing tips to kill the bounce rate.

These are the basic steps which everyone needs to follow if you wanted to learn about “How to Write a Blog”.

Apart from this, I would like to add few more suggestions to the list.

  • Follow the search engine guidelines.
  • Conduct SEO Analysis before posting the content on web.
  • Focus on original content.
  • Conduct On-Page and Off-page SEO analysis and apply white hat SEO techniques to get ranks in SERP.
  • Share your content on social platforms.
  • Take help of influencers and get your content published on multiple platforms.

Hope these steps would help you to understand how to write a blog. Being a SEO Strategist myself, I have used all of the tips in my blog posts.

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Social engineering Content

Social engineering Content

What is Social Engineering

Social engineering is a method of misguiding users and getting their personal information such as email id, contact number, sometimes bank details and other personal details. It is directly related to phishing or hacking. The purpose of using Social Engineering is to collect personal details of users and use it for own benefits.

You can easily understand if someone has the access of user’s sensitive information, what kind of misuse they can do.

However, it is social engineering content also used for marketing purpose. For example, it might be used in marketing products and political campaigns. With this method advertisers get to know about people’s preferences and habits is gathered in advance. Then this information is used to encourage people for buying stuff, opt in for subscriptions or to vote for a particular person or political party.

Types of Social engineering content

As we know, social engineering is basically used to collect data of users. So it could be only two types. One is to collect data and misuse it and second one is to collect the data and use it for showing customized ads by understanding user behavior and habits. Social media ads preference works on this algorithm. Whenever an advertiser creates an advertisement on social platform, they customize advertisement audience and for that they could either upload the existing data or choose between the provided options. Here people use data collected by social engineering content techniques and customize their audience.

However, social engineering content is generally known for fraud.

Types of social engineering attacks

Depending on the information, people who have the user data could perform actions according to their choice. Let’s have a look on one example below.

Example 1:

social engineering attack example 1

Back in 2013, the Associated Press Twitter account was taken over by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which posted the above tweet. Within moments, the stock market dropped: the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 150 points as the tweet was re-tweeted, and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell about 1%, briefly losing USD$136 billion in value before quickly rebounding.

They got the access of Associated Press Twitter account by a phishing email.

social engineering email copy

Example 2:

RSA SecurID breach

Adobe Flash and vulnerabilities go hand in hand, which is unfortunate for RSA’s SecurID. Back in 2011, RSA employees received two phishing emails, which would ultimately lead to SecurID’s two-factor authentication system being compromised – costing RSA $66 million.

RSA said in a blog post:

social engineering attack example 2

We can understand that social engineering content could create different impact on user or companies according to people who collect data by social engineering methods.

So far we have learned about types of social engineering, how it works and its impact. Now let’s move on to the SEO aspects of social engineering.

While using data collection forms on website or blogs sometimes we encounter the problem of webmaster errors which says “Social engineering Content Detected” on your website. It is not at all good for your website.

social engineering content detected

There are few steps which you need to follow in order to get rid of this problem. Here is how to get rid of Social engineering detected problem.

Check webmasters for security issues.

Whenever we get a warning or information message from google regarding social engineering content, we need to check the webmaster immediately to understand the problem.

Next Step

Check for Third Party Resources on your website

Ensure that any ads, images, or other embedded third-party resources on your site’s pages are not deceptive.

  • Note that ad networks may rotate the ads shown on your site’s pages. You therefore might need to refresh a page a few times before you’re able to see any social engineering ads appear.
  • Some ads may appear differently on mobile devices and desktop computers. You can use the URL Inspection tool to view your site in both mobile and desktop views.
  • Follow the third-party service guidelines described below for any third-party services, such as payment services, that you use in your site.

For more information on steps, follow the google guidelines on Social Engineering (Phishing and Deceptive Sites) Hope this information would help you to better understand the social engineering in SEO. If you have any suggestion or feedback for this information then do comment below.

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SEO Friendly Content Tips and Tricks – TheSEOGuy

How to write SEO friendly content

Writing content is not an easy task. Every content writer invests a good amount of time in writing content. But when it comes to SEO friendly content, it requires even much more time and efforts. After all content plays an important role in SEO and we can get better results if we focus on generating SEO friendly content for our website or blogs. Interesting website drives interest and better engagement which helps us to get positive results. Apart from generating curiosity and reading interest, you can focus on few SEO techniques to get better results.

All you need to do is keep few parameters in your mind while working on generating content for better SEO results. Today I am going to share some key points which can help you do so. You can create an impact on results if you follow these points. A lot of amazing content writers struggle with SEO techniques. By following these steps you can solve this problem and generate quality content which is SEO friendly.

Before getting into tips, techniques and tricks let’s understand what is SEO friendly content and its importance.

SEO Friendly Content

We all know that content is information or write-ups which we write on website or blog to inform visitors about product, services and information. Content is considered as king when it comes to SEO results. If we work on content, we can drive more and more engagement on our web platforms. Let’s move on to the next step and let me share few steps to generate amazing SEO content for your website or blogs.

Original Content:

Always keep your focus on generating original content while writing for your website product, services or information. It is strongly not recommended to copy content from other sources. If you generate quality content, it will give you better result than copied content. Search engine crawlers will give you preference if you are writing original content for your website or blog. There’s no fixed parameter decided by search engines but with my 5 years of experience in SEO, I would suggest you to keep more than 92% content original. You can take the inspiration from different sources and write it in your own words. But Never Ever copy exact same words from sources and write them on your website.

Avoid Over Optimizing

The major part of SEO is covered by keywords in content generation. But you have to keep the optimizing in your mind. Do not over optimize or stuff your article paragraphs with keywords. Keep the spirit of information in article instead of feeding unnecessary keywords in it. If you want to use any particular keyword then use it smartly and represent it as a useful word in your content.

Maintain the keyword density

Keyword Density is the percentage of keywords contained within the total number of indexable words in web page content. Maintain the ratio and quality in your articles. Do not get confused between keyword density and keyword proximity. Both are different from each other. If you want help on understanding the difference between both techniques then you can refer Difference between Keyword Density and Keyword Proximity It will help you to clear the confusion and understand both the techniques.

Avoid Duplicate content

Duplicate content is when you put the same content under different pages or URLs. For example, If I have written an article on Content Optimization in SEO, I will try not to copy content from there and paste it here. Instead I will write more original content related to topic. That’s how I can make search engine crawlers understand page content of different pages. If I will copy and paste same content, search engine crawlers won’t be able to differentiate between pages.  So it is suggested not to copy your own content as well.

Create a clean link structure

Create clean link structure which is easy enough to represent the gist of your content. It is a common but effective practice. Most of the time, we could understand the content by just reading the link headlines. The same applicable for search engine crawlers. The link structure should be simple for both website visitors and search engine crawlers. If search engine crawlers are able to understand content easily, they will indext it faster and give your better results in SERP. For example, I’ve written an article “How to use keywords for better SEO results” and the link for that article is https://theseoguy.in/how-to-use-keywords-for-better-seo-results/ .

Generate Interest

Try to write interesting articles which drives curiosity between users. You can put interesting facts, information or something new to read. Also adding up few case studies will also help you. Reading non interesting information is monotonous. It could increase the bounce rate. Bounce rate is an important factor of SEO so you cannot ignore this.  If you want tips on reducing bounce rate, you can follow How to reduce bounce rate.

Use LSI Keyword Method in content

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. It is a method which search engines including Google use to study and compare relationships between different terms and concepts. These keywords can be used to improve SEO traffic and create more visibility and higher rankings in search results. For example, I have a blog on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) information so I would try to use related keywords such as “SEO Tips”, “Search Engine Optimization Tricks”, “Digital Marketing”, and “Online Marketing”. These are the LSI keywords for a SEO Blog.

Use of Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are key players in generating SEO Friendly content. It helps user and search engines to understand the content and relate it to particular category easily. For example, I am a SEO strategist and have an organization where I provide SEO services. I will try to add keywords which define my website category along with services and product such as “Best SEO Services”. “Top SEO Consultants in India”, “Best SEO Services providers in India”, “Best SEO Services in affordable prices” and “SEO consultants near me”. If you read these keywords carefully, you can see that every long tail keyword is based on one particular keyword such as “Top SEO Consultants in India” is based on “SEO Consultants”. Similarly, Best SEO Services in affordable prices is built on “SEO Services”.

However, using power words is different from LSI method. In order to understand better user of Power Words, you can visit Innovative Ways to increase traffic to your website for free.

The Guidelines

While applying these many methods do not overlap or ignore the content guidelines defined by search engines. If you follow the right search engine guidelines, you will get amazing results. You can check the Google’s guidelines by exploring Prohibited and Restricted Content.


Using right parameters and generating original content will be the best thing to do. It will always help you to write SEO friendly content. The basic thumb rule of generating content is to keep the interest between users. You can’t keep users on your website or blog if the information is not interesting or relative to your audience type.

Pro Tip: Never use article spinners and the content should be at least 92% original. Take the inspiration but do not copy content from other website/portals.

Hope these tips of how to write SEO Friendly Content would help you to generate more quality content for your website or blogs. If you have feedback or suggestions for this information then do share your thoughts below.

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